Loving God...Loving People


With topics like ‘Living on Purpose’, ‘My Life Mission’, ‘Telling my Story’, and ‘Life Church Missions’, in GO you will discover how to share God’s love with others. Through the sessions we unpack ways to share your story and tell others about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Then, at the end of GO, you will reach the Life Track Finish Line!

GO is made up of two sessions of around 30 minutes. Watch the sessions online by clicking on the videos and signing in. You can download the accompanying notes and GO resources by clicking on the icons on the left.

GO is also available as a DVD pack from the Information Desk.

We are excited to share the final part of the Life Track with you and believe that you will be blessed as you cross the Life Track Finish Line…keep on living on purpose!

Go – Sharing God's Love – Introduction

Go – Sharing God's Love – Session 1


Go – Sharing God's Love – Session 2

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Congratulations on completing the Life Track!