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JOIN is the basic introduction to the Life Church family. Essentially this is where you'll be able to discover what the church is all about, its history, its purpose, its vision, the leadership, its people and the amazing salvation found in Jesus.

JOIN is made up of two sessions of around 30 minutes and a brief history of how the church started. Watch the sessions online by clicking on the videos below, and download the accompanying notes and other JOIN resources by clicking on the icons on the left.

We trust that you'll enjoy the sessions and find them encouraging, informative and helpful. We would love to hear from you, feel free to email us at info@lifechurchuk.org

JOIN is also available as a DVD pack from the Information Desk.

Join – The Life Church Family – Introduction

Join – The Life Church Family – Session 1


Join – The Life Church Family – Session 2

Join – The Life Church Family – History

Join Resources

Join Resources Join Session notes

Congratulations on completing JOIN, keep moving through the Life Track…GROW is next!